Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Okay, okay..I'm not exactly extreme couponing...BUT I have started seriously couponing, which just consists of finding coupons regularly and using them as often as possible. I WILL NOT buy things that I do not need and I REFUSE to do that crazy stockpiling thing. I am getting married soon (yay!) and we are going to be on a slight budget...the apartment I chose was just slightly over budget (only $50) I've decided to save us a little money by doing this. I'm not going to put in RIDICULOUS hours like those people on the show...because (MORE POWER TO THEM...) but that seems crazy to me→I want to spend time with my man. Anyway, for anyone that was curious about it...I suppose I'll be talking about it more when I get a little bit into it. I am in the process of planning a shopping we'll see if this is for me o_O this could get crazy. LOL

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HerStyler Flat Iron

Hello everyone :) I recently spontaneously purchased an "overpriced" ceramic iron (along with a clipless curling iron & mini ceramic travel iron; photos below): The HerStyler. These irons claim to be 100% ceramic (plates) versus the plates of the Chi and other "ceramic plated" irons which are simply a metal plate coated with ceramic (they show you this at the HerStyler booth by scratching the ceramic off of a chi plate). Anyway, both of the irons & the curling rod come with a LIFETIME warranty which allows you to exchange your irons for any other color of your choice at any point during ownership & to exchange the irons for working ones should they ever burn out on you. This sounds absolutely amazing to me because I am extremely clumsy and the warranty is UNCONDITIONAL, meaning if I drop the iron (which I will), they will replace it. Nice. Anyway, I did a little video with it; I just felt like it. Overall, this is a reallllllllly good straightener. I am not sure yet if I feel I should've spent as much as I did on it all, but it's okay, at least I got a quality product. The iron doesn't leave my hair smelling burned like some others I've used in the past, no matter what heat setting I decide to put it on. I do, however, alwaysssss use my Chi 44 Iron Guard, still. No matter how good the iron is, you've still gotta protect your hair!! Check out the video on youtube if you want (link below). Thanks<3