Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Okay, okay..I'm not exactly extreme couponing...BUT I have started seriously couponing, which just consists of finding coupons regularly and using them as often as possible. I WILL NOT buy things that I do not need and I REFUSE to do that crazy stockpiling thing. I am getting married soon (yay!) and we are going to be on a slight budget...the apartment I chose was just slightly over budget (only $50) I've decided to save us a little money by doing this. I'm not going to put in RIDICULOUS hours like those people on the show...because (MORE POWER TO THEM...) but that seems crazy to me→I want to spend time with my man. Anyway, for anyone that was curious about it...I suppose I'll be talking about it more when I get a little bit into it. I am in the process of planning a shopping we'll see if this is for me o_O this could get crazy. LOL

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